Up the Spout Again


Yes, it’s me! I’m back! 

Or if you are a new friend, hello and welcome!

Thank you to everyone for being so patient! Your letters through the years have meant the world.

I honestly thought when I had my first child that you could just throw babies into a little van and keep on keeping’ on.  Turns out they require things like….food, laundry service, routine, and oh yes…attention. 

And I have three.  Yes, three girls.  So needless to say my guitar sat in a corner for many years, gathering dust.

Now and then I would pick it up and strum and something amazing would start to happen.  But then a little hand would grab at the strings, or demand I play Itsy Bitsy Effing Spider.  After awhile I just surrendered to motherhood.  Of course I would sing them to sleep, but usually with an exhausted, almost asleep myself at the foot of the bed, skipping verses of “Water is Wide”, kinda vibe.  I began to think that I had traded all my songs for these children.  And I was (mostly) okay with this.  As I looked at the mysterious curls on Flora’s head, or watched Sophia paint, or heard the sweet singing voice of Stella, I knew that no song, no award, no standing ovation was worth more.

But I missed it, too. Somewhere inside I knew music wasn’t finished with me.

So it turns out that I didn’t trade a thing (except for my waistline).  The songs were just waiting.  They were sleeping at the foot of the bed, they were hiding under mountains of laundry, they were letting the dust fall onto them.  They were waiting for me to remember.  I was an amnesiac coming around to recognizing myself.

Here I am. I remember.

On this site you will find my show dates, diary entries, new and old photos and videos, songs, information for songwriting collaborations, an opportunity to become a patron, and contact info. Please take a moment to look at the credits on the site.  What a team of brilliant artists helping me to launch this next phase.

Deep thanks to Sony/ATV Music Publishing for staying on board for 21 years, and to The Felman Agency in Canada and Paradigm Entertainment in the US for still having my back.  So grateful for all the adventures I had with Nettwerk, Capitol and EMI, and all the incredible people I have met and loved along the way.

But mostly, thank you for remembering me.  You are a big part of why I have returned, I heard you calling, and a song is not complete until it is shared.

All my love, Tara