Singer/songwriter Tara MacLean has been writing and performing all over the world for the past twenty five years. Songwriting is what pulled her through fire and ocean, loss and heartbreak. Her songs become anthems for those who yearn to touch something deeper; her voice cracks open the heart.

In the middle of a successful solo career with Nettwerk Records and Management, Capitol Records and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, she took a hiatus from recording and touring to have a baby. After her sister’s tragic death, Tara entered into a magnificent five year collaboration with Damhnait Doyle and Kim Stockwood, naming the trio Shaye after her late sister.

Her new album, Deeper, set for release June 23rd, 2019, was written over the last 10 years, and is a true collaboration of brilliant musicians from the East Coast of Canada, where she is from. Her first single, Lovesong, is a tribute to The Cure, as they celebrate their induction into the Hall of Fame.

Tara draws deep from her roots in old country, gospel, Celtic and blues, weaving songs into spells that leave you feeling connected and shining. 

Watching her play live, you wonder how someone so joyous could write such heart-wrenching music, until you recognize a part of yourself in her performance.

 That’s her medicine. 





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