You may remember Tara from her cameo in the hit Jerry Bruckheimer film, Coyote Ugly, where she stood on stage singing an original song, with a look on her face that could only be described as, “What am I doing in a Jerry Bruckheimer film?”

Songwriting for Tara began as a way to navigate and bring clarity to her tumultuous inner life as a young woman.  It soon became apparent that writing with other people was even more fun, and great excuse to drink (more) red wine.

Tara was signed by Sony/ATV Music Publishing in the Spring of 1995 and has been with them ever since.  She won the SOCAN songwriting award for the hit song “Happy Baby” (J.Joyce, D.Doyle, S. Stockwood) as well as the Canadian Radio Music Award for her first single “Evidence”. Tara has been nominated for countless East Coast Music Awards and Junos, but pretty much always lost to Nelly Furtado and Sarah McLachlan, though she is not upset about that at all.

Her original music has appeared in countless film and television productions. Tara's favourite collaborations include work with many brilliant artists, like Simon Wilcox, Jay Joyce, Ron Lopata, Stephen Moccio, Bill Bell, Kevin Fox, Jon Levine, Gordie Sampson, Jeremie Fisher, Randy Bachman, and of course, her old bandmates Kim Stockwood and Damhnait Doyle.

Tara intends to write songs and drink red wine for the rest of her life.  Daniel Lanois once looked her in the eye (after a bottle of really good Italian red) and told her to remember one thing. Keep it simple.  She never forgot that, and continues to write songs that are provocative, beautiful and true.

She still gets about $7 a month from Jerry Bruckheimer.

“Tara MacLean is like the smart girl at school who is secretly writing an erotica novel”
— - Paul Myers


Publishing Contacts

Gary Furniss
David Quilico

Abbey Adams
Hannah Williams

Los Angeles:  
Jim Vellutato